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About Us

SOLE THERAPY is more than just a podiatry clinic. We are the experts in feet, knees, hips and backs. We are a family run clinic that has been in its original location for over ten years. Our team of professional and friendly podiatrists see people of all ages and from all walks of life. From toddlers taking their first steps, to young active children and teenagers, busy parents, weekend warriors and travelling retirees. Our youngest patient is 6 months old and our oldest patient is 103 years of age. Our enthusiasm for helping others knows no bounds: We want you to be pain free so you can love your body from the sole up!

Why choose us?

We are a multi- award winning clinic that has been a pillar of the community, helping hundreds of patients live a pain free life. We are famous for our friendly staff, great communication skills and holistic view of health. Our modern clinic has the latest gait analysis equipment and orthotic technology. Our goal is help you achieve pain free movement without the need for invasive intervention such as surgery.

Our unique difference

Here at SOLE THERAPY, we assess your chief concern from the ground up. Our podiatry experts will discuss all results with you in an easy to understand language and present a range of treatment options. We pride ourselves on innovative technologies, especially when it comes to orthotic therapy. We are one of a kind because we are the only ones in Australia that use this technology the way we do. All of our services and products have been heavily researched and tested by us- that’s why we can guarantee results.

Awards & Affiliations

Come into the clinic today and feel for yourself the SOLE THERAPY difference!