Footwear problems

Footwear plays a large role in the development of foot & toe problems such as bunions, callus, corns, hammer & clawed toes. Shoes that do not fit properly make these conditions worse & more painful. But wearing the right shoes may help you. Come to SOLE THERAPY as we sell shoes that are podiatry approved, fashionable & comfortable. We can recommend the perfect shoe for your foot type

A comfortable, well-fitted shoe offers you the best chance of:

  • Preventing a foot or toe problem from getting worse.
  • Preventing a toe joint problem from returning after corrective surgery.
  • Preventing injury to muscles of the foot (plantar fascia).
  • Preventing anatomical and functional changes including reduced foot width and forefoot spreading
  • Relieving pain in the foot or toe that is caused by a deformity or joint problem.

As there are many different brands and types of shoes on the market shoe shopping can be very difficult especially when looking for something fashionable but also comfortable that is good for your feet. Every foot is different and we pride ourselves in our shoe ranges that help feet be healthy and happy.

That’s where our SOLE THERAPY TEAM can offer you their help!

Our PODIATRISTS are well trained to provide you with the correct footwear advice that suits your individual needs.

Before providing a footwear recommendation, our SOLE THERAPY podiatrists will:

  • Make an assessment of your foot type
  • Measure the width and length of your foot

Our Biomechanical foot assessment will consider the following:

  • a person’s biomechanics
  • foot structure
  • injury history (if any)
  • the activity that the shoes will be used for.


At SOLE THERAPY we sell a variety of shoe brands that we know look good, help the feet function & prevent pain & dysfunction. Come into SOLE THERAPY & let our foot experts fit you correctly with a pair of shoes that are comfortable, look good and feel great.