Custom Made Orthotics

SOLE THERAPY functional custom orthotics have been designed with over 10 years of innovative research. A combination of science and art, our orthotics use the best material science to allow maximal shock absorption and stability to strengthen feet. Our orthotics are closely reviewed and will not only fix painful feet, knees and back, but also help strengthen your feet outside of the orthotics. Our aim is to strengthen your feet so eventually you will not need these inserts to keep you pain-free.

The brains behind the concept, SOLE THERAPY founder Nicole Reilly, was keen to find an alternative to the current over prescribed orthotics sold at most Podiatry clinics across Australia. Our clients would constantly present with orthotics from other clinics reporting that they were too firm and did not fit into most of their shoes. This frustrated the owner and she set out to find a product she could design that was hand made using the best material science available on the market. This orthoses are cleverly designed have the ability to fit most of her clients shoes. Quality and reliability is guaranteed as our material science of our products have been tried and tested by thousands of users. They are unique as you- individually designed from the moulds of your feet to meet your unique needs and are available at time of orthotic consult and fitted within 30 minutes. This makes them very comfort driven and always individualized to the whole body posture. We can add unique modifications to the orthotics in our lab on site and at the time of the appointment.



Our sports style orthotic is a heat moulded, full length device that is great for everyone- from athletes to weekend warriors to casual walkers. Made for shoes that have a removable liner, not only will they provide maximal support and shock absorption but also have an anti- bacterial top cover! A comfortable, hardwearing module.


Our slim style orthotics can be made ¾ or full length to fit into your desired shoes including court shoes, loafers, oxfords and even high heels! These are ideal for people who have slender shoes or are limited with their footwear options.


Our kids range of handmade orthotic therapy is unique. We use very slim flexible materials that help support and strengthen the development of your child’s foot posture and improve your child’s walking pattern over time. The time to focus on this is now while they are still growing.