Fungal Nail Consultation / Laser Treatment

SOLE THERAPY offers the latest and most effective laser to treat fungal nails and warts. Laser is a simple and effective tool that uses the power for red and infared wavelengths.

Laser & Fungal Nails

Onycomycosis or nail fungus is an infection beneath the surface of the nail from fungus. It affects 5% of the population and overall accounts for 50% of toenail conditions.

Fungal Nails are difficult to cure, as this requires eradication of the primary infection and protection of new area of growth from reinfection. The longer you have the infection, the longer it can take to reduce.

Laser therapy evenly heats the nail to decrease the spread of infection and improve the appearance of the nail while it grows out. Laser statistically results in 89% of nails demonstrating an increase in clear nail across a 6 month period, with 67% being treated completely.


Laser & Warts

Plantar warts are warts or verruca that are seen on the bottom of the foot but can develop anywhere. People often confuse warts with corns due overlying hard skin. You can differentiate warts by the presence of tiny black sports and looking to see if skin lines are distorted.

Warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and affect 14% of the population, with school children exhibiting a prevalence of up to 20%. They can be caught through touching a wart or touching something that has the wart virus.

Laser therapy for warts statistically clear 96% of warts after 4 consecutive treatment sessions, with 65% of warts clearing after the first treatment. Conservative treatment of warts can last up to 10 sessions or more depending on the size of the wart.


To see if you are a candidate for laser therapy in managing nails fungus or warts book a GENERAL TREATMENT with one of our SOLE THERAPY podiatrists today.