Biomechanical Assessment (Gait Analysis)

Contrary to what most people think our podiatrists at SOLE THERAPY assess pathologies from the hip, knees and foot.  Our 1 hour biomechanical assessment is comprehensive and tailored to each individual’s unique case, where we are able to diagnose problems and then work out the most effective treatment.

Additionally, to this our clinic is equipped with the latest slow-motion cameras and treadmill so that we can dissect each movement frame by frame to determine any poor movements which may be contributing to your area of concern.

To ensure progression is maintained and not lost we will guide you every step of the way through your rehabilitation process and adjust the treatment accordingly if required.

What you can except for your Initial Biomechanical Assessment:

  • Determining location of pain
  • History of symptoms, including onset, pain level, type of pain, duration
  • Assessment of the related areas which may be causing the pain
  • Range of motion assessment of hips, knees and feet assessment
  • Functional movement assessment
  • Static assessment – pressures on feet and any hip rotation
  • Gait assessment – walking/running on treadmill breaking each movement done using slow motion cameras.
  • Overview of related areas which are influencing region of pain
  • Discussion of assessment results in easy to understand language
  • Personalised treatment plan


Our goal is help you achieve pain free movement without the need for invasive intervention such as surgery. We will have you loving your body from the ground up!