Laser for Musculoskeletal Pain

K-Laser or High Power Laser Therapy is a non-surgical, drug free and painless treatment option for musculoskeletal pain.



Laser therapy targets damaged tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) with a specific wavelength of light.  This light passes through the skin, into the cell, starting a process call photobiomodulation. This process enhances our natural ability to heal:

  • Increases blood flow to the area
  • Boosts cells oxygenation
  • Enhances ATP (energy carrying molecule) production
  • Release of endorphins
  • Release of collagen


What are the benefits of laser?

  • Improves healing
  • Reduction of pain
  • Reduction of swelling
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Produces and analgesic effect
  • Reduced joint stiffness


What should I expect during my appointment?

You will be taken through a consent form when you arrive. Then your SOLE THERAPY podiatrist will let you know the areas of treatment and ask you questions regarding pain levels and chronicity. You will then be given a set of sterile protective glasses to shield your eyes. After that treatment will begin!

All musculoskeletal laser therapy sessions must initially be conducted closer together as the effect is cumulative. Depending on progress, your sessions will then slowly span out over time.

Does laser therapy hurt?

There is little to no sensation during treatment with an occasional mild warm feeling. It is quite therapeutic!


Are there any side effects?

There are almost no side effects from laser therapy. The only risk factor is looking at the laser without glasses on.


Looking for a drug and pain free treatment for your injury? Make an appointment with us at SOLE THERAPY.