What to look for when buying soccer or football boots for kids?

With such a larger number of football/soccer boots available on the market today and the continual growing rate of injury in Football and soccer.

Here are some of our tips to give your kids feet the best available support:

The fitting

The actual fitting itself is just as crucial as the boot itself when coming to buy your kids a pair of boots for the season. The boots should neither be to wide or too narrow and should fit snug to your feet. Not like school shoes, If buying a size up in football boots to get wear out of them will only result in your child being at an increase risk of falls and likely increases blistering and loading on the incorrect muscles.

Choice of studs

Typically, if your child is playing club level football mouldable studs are seen as the easiest most convenient style to buy and will likely be on the majority of styles of boots available on the market. If your child is playing at more of an elite level, multiple pairs of studs such as screw in studs for when the conditions are hard or wet or continuing with the mouldable studs for dry conditions have been seen to improve overall performance ⚽

Materials of boots

General rule of thumb – the lighter the material the less support and durability the boot has. However, the heavier the material although having more support it may feel sluggish on your child’s feet and less comfortable. Finding the right balance is key – we recommend looking for a boot with Kangaroo leather with the characteristics of being light and ability to stretch coupled with its toughness and durability.

Last but not least being able to remove the insole from the boot is key if your child has or needs orthotics as this will allow the orthotic to slip right in!

If your worried if your child’s boot fits correctly or not sure which ones to get come and see one of our EXPERT podiatrists here at SOLE THERAPY. 

Words from one of our Podiatrist's,