Toe Walking and Semi-Custom orthotics

Toe walking is common in early walkers as their feet adjust to new sensations and muscles develop. If continued after the age of 2 toe walking requires a podiatry assessment. If toe walking is not addressed, then it can lead to issues such as:

  • Shortening of the calf muscles
  • Trouble getting used to wearing shoes
  • Posture issues

Continuing to toe walk after age 2 may be a sign of an underlying medical condition. In most cases, however, persistent toe walking is "idiopathic," which means that the exact cause is not known. Older children who continue to toe walk may do so simply out of habit or because the muscles and tendons in their calves have become tighter over time.

How can SOLE THERAPY help?

At SOLE THERAPY we take the time to assess your child’s walking to see what factors are contributing to their toe walking. Then, together we come up with a treatment plan.

Our first option for newly diagnosed toe walker is orthotics. A full length sturdy orthotic can help toe walking:

  • Provides a gentle sensory input to the entire foot, encouraging the heel to come down
  • Strengthens of the feet and ankles
  • Often tolerated and adhered to well by children

Outgrowing orthotic devices is a great concern for many parents. SOLE THERAPY offers semi-custom devices that will provide benefit for many paediatric conditions including toe walking.

A semi-custom orthotic is a ready-made device that your SOLE THERAPY podiatrist will modify to your child’s foot and condition. In the case of toe walking, the midfoot will be stiffened, and the top cover will be elongated. They can serve the needs of your child adequately but do need to be combined with a well adhered to stretching and exercise program.

Want more information and orthotic options for your child? Book a BIOMECHANICAL assessment at SOLE THERAPY by booking online or calling    02 9583 1138. Our friendly and experienced podiatrists are here to help.

Words from our podiatrist,

Daniel Talevski