At SOLE THERAPY we are lucky enough to treat lots of amazing children! A common issue their parents bring them in with is toe walking- where little or no weight is put on the heel of the foot.

Toe walking is common in early walkers as their feet adjust to new sensations and muscles develop. If continued after the age of 2 toe walking requires medical assessment. If not addressed it can lead to problems such as:

  • Shortening of the calf muscles
  • Trouble getting used to wearing shoes
  • Posture issues

The majority of causes of toe walking are benign. These include:

  • Idiopathic toe walking- Children can get used to walking this way or may copy an older sibling. The child is able to put their heels on the ground
  • Hypersensitivity - Sensory issues common in children with conditions such as Asperger’s
  • Ankle equinus – Short or tight calf muscles can make it hard for the child to put their heels on the ground
  • Genetics – inheriting tightness of certain muscles can lead to toe walking


At SOLE THERAPY our team will take a detailed medical history and thoroughly assess your child’s walking, posture and flexibility. Treatment options will include:

  • Functional customized orthotics to discourage toe walking
  • Footwear advice and recommendations
  • At home calf stretching exercises
  • At home foot strengthening exercises
  • Splints

Regular and maintained reviews are crucial in the treatment of toe walking.

If you think your child is a toe walker please make an INITIAL BIOMECHANICAL APPOINTMENT by calling or booking online. 


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