Noticed that your toenails have started to thicken over time? You may have Onychauxis- Thickened Nails. Not only can they be unsightly but they can also put pressure on surrounding skin or rub against shoes. Before our SOLE THERAPY podiatrists can treat your thickened nails we need to identify the cause!

  • Injury- Blunt trauma to the nail plate, bed or base for example stubbing your toe or dropping something on it
  • Fungal nail infection- See our blog on Nail Fungus for more information!
  • Repetitive pressure- From tight or ill-fitting footwear, this is a common cause of 2nd and 5th toenail thickening
  • Ageing- Nails get thicker with age due to reduced circulation
  • Disease and Illness- Conditions such as diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, heart disease, cancer and much more can impact our toenails

Once the cause has been identified we can manage thickened nails. In some cases if the nail matrix (the area from which the nail grows) has been damaged, the thickened nail may never be cured. In a SOLE THERAPY general treatment our team will be able to manage them effectively and regularly for you- so they can stay pain free and beautified. We have specialty and safe equipment that allows us to reduce the length and thickens of the nail.

Come into SOLE THERAPY today so can help identify the cause and beautify your thickened nails.

"Love your body from the sole up"

Nicole Reilly