The body does not grow symmetrically. When one side of the body grows out of proportion to the other a sideways curvature in the spine can occur. This is called Scoliosis.

When looking at the spine from the side it has 3 natural curves at the neck, upper back and lower back, making an ‘S’ shape. Scoliosis causes a curve in the spine when looking at it from the back. The cause of scoliosis is usually unknown.

Scoliosis is usually seen in girls during late childhood when they are undergoing a growth spurt. Scoliosis changes the body’s biomechanics and changes the way you walk. As one leg is functionally longer than the other, pain can develop due to compensations. You may also find that you wear out your shoes unevenly.

Your SOLE THERAPY podiatrist will assess your gait, posture and footwear. From here we will be able to manage your Scoliosis through correcting the mechanics of the lower limb:

  • Customized orthotic therapy
  • Stretching
  • Strengthening
  • Footwear advice and fitting

SOLE THERAPY can help manage your Scoliosis! Come and visit us !


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