Returning To Sports

Returning to sport after COVID-19 restrictions ease? Are you at risk of injury when returning to play?

Did you know since returning the injury rates in the EPL and NRL have soared around 200% from 0.24 to 0.88 major injuries per game?  With most people returning to team sports after the latest easing of restrictions of sports we here at SOLE THERAPY are urging people to precaution as sporting injuries are soaring even at grassroots levels!

Here are some possible risk factors that will affect your injury risk when returning to sports post COVID:

  • Age – Once over 25 the likelihood of soft tissue injuries when accelerating and decelerating starts to increase
  • Previous injuries – Previous soft tissue injuries put you at greater risk
  • Fatigue – Causes poor execution of skill leading to high stress on the body 
  • Imbalances – Muscular imbalances often leads to overuse injuries.
  • Poor skill execution – Poor execution of game day skills results in increasing our injury risk.

How can SOLE THERAPY help you minimize risk when returning to sport? 

Our one-hour biomechanical assessment assists with:

  • Identifying muscle imbalances 
  • Supporting poor foot mechanics and whole-body posture  
  • Creating personalized exercise programs to improve sport specific skills and overall mobility! 

Words from one of our Podiatrist's,