Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) is the medical term from the pain felt at the front of the knee cap. You may know it as runner’s knee. It most often caused by overuse of the knee joint in combination with poor alignment of the joint.

Here at SOLE THERAPY we are experts in knees and know that the pain can be debilitating, leaving you unable to exercise or even complete simple daily tasks! Our in depth biomechanical assessments will get to root cause of your runner’s knee and also address your symptoms of pain.

Some things you might be feeling are:

  • Pain in and around the knee cap
  • Pain at the front of the knee which may move to the side or back of the knee
  • ‘Grinding’ or ‘grating’ sensation of the knee cap
  • More pain when going up and down stairs or bending
  • Pain when sitting for extended periods with a bent knee
  • Pain worse when running on inclined surfaces
  • Feeling that your knee will give way at any moment
  • Swelling can also occur

Things that may cause this pain includes:

  • Poor foot posture- as foot, knee and hip experts we know that excessive movement at the feet can cause excessive internal rotation at the knee or hip = more strain at the knee joint
  • Weak hips play a role- causing the thigh and in turn the knee to rotate too much placing extra strain on the joint
  • Weakness quadriceps cause the knee cap to move too much up and out
  • Tight outer thigh muscles mean the knee cap is pulled towards the outside of the knee
  • Joint hyper mobility- this will cause increased motion at the knee joint
  • An increase in your training speed, distance or intensity
  • Increase in body weight

Here at SOLE THERAPY we have designed an intensive biomechanical assessment that will help us identify, diagnose and treat your runner’s knee. With many of our own team suffering with Runner’s Knee, we are confident that our treatment works:

  • Customized functional SOLE THERAPY orthotics to address foot posture or hyper mobility issues- the knee follows the foot so we need to make sure you are stable from the ground up
  • Dry needling and acupuncture sessions assist with releasing tight muscles, reducing pain levels and preventing inflammation
  • At home personalized stretching and strengthening programs to target tight or weak areas
  • Advice on activity modification-so that you can still be active whilst your body heals

If you think you are suffering from Runner’s Knee come and visit one of our podiatry experts today at SOLE THERAPY.


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