Numbness and tingling in the feet is an increasingly common complaint coming into SOLE THERAPY. It can be a sign that there is nerve damage in the lower leg. These symptoms are often referred to peripheral neuropathy.

Numbness in the feet can be accompanied by other nerve symptoms such as burning, tingling, pin and needles and sharp pains. The level of pain varies and is often worse at night, interfering with sleep. The most common cause is diabetes, however damage or compression of nerves in the back, leg or foot can also cause these symptoms. Certain medications may have side effects related to numbness or tingling.

There may also be a biomechanical reason for your nerve symptoms. Gait patterns can cause increased friction between the soles of the feet and the surfaces they are walking on. Certain foot types can put extra pressure on the balls of the feet during activity. Standing on firm floors for prolonged periods can also cause burning in the soles of the feet.

SOLE THERAPY can assist with your management of peripheral neuropathy by:

  • Identifying the cause- this is key in personalizing your management plan
  • Diabetic assessments to check your level of neuropathy
  • At home advice on diabetic foot care
  • Posture and gait assessments to determine at which level a nerve may be impinged
  • Advice on correctly fitting footwear and footwear that is appropriate for the task or activity
  • Correction of gait and posture with custom orthotics that are supportive and cushioned

Come and visit us to have us assess your numbness and tingling. SOLE THERAPY can assist with improving symptoms. 

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Nicole Reilly