Our SOLE THERAPY podiatrists can cosmetically restore your toenails back to a beautiful natural state. This is an ideal solution for anyone who is embarrassed by unsightly toenails, relief of snagging toenails and prevention of infection.

We use a product called LCN- a cosmetic nail extension that is superior to acrylics. They are safe, more natural looking and more durable than acrylic nails. LCN nails do not contain any harmful chemicals and very realistic looking.

LCN nails are non-porous and don’t weaken your natural nails but protect them. They are lightweight, flexible and long lasting. The added elasticity in them means less breakage, meaning they will still look great in between your general treatment visits. They also won't discolour over time!

The LCN system works by applying the product as a gel in layers, with each layer being light- cured with an LED light for 2 minutes. The products contain all natural ingredients including: tiger grass, whit tea, orchid, mint oil and aloe vera- so you can have a healthy peace of mind.

Here at SOLE THERAPY we want you to leave looking and feeling great! If you are interested in nail reconstruction please call us for more information.


"Love your body from the sole up"

Nicole Reilly