Lower back muscular strain are the most common causes of lower back pain. This is because the back is responsible for heavy weight- bearing and involvement in moving, twisting and bending. Lower back strain can be very debilitating and painful. SOLE THERAPY can help navigate you through this- making sure you are stable from the ground up.

There are three muscle groups that support the spine:

  • Extensors- back and glute muscles
  • Flexors- Abdominal and iliopsoas muscles
  • Obliques- Side abdominal muscles

A strain in caused when the muscles are abnormally stretched or torn. This can result from gradual overuse but are more often than not occur suddenly in an unexpected situation:

  • Under conditioning- lifting items that are too heavy
  • Obesity
  • Poor lifting techniques- not bending the knees
  • Improper use – unusual twisting, forceful movement

When the lower back muscles are strained or sprained the tissues become inflamed and can often spasm. SOLE THERAPY are experts in the lower limb and are closely linked with other health care professions. We can help with lower back muscular strain by:

  • Assess your posture, muscles and gait patterns to see how this may be affecting your lower back
  • Creating a stable base for the spine to sit on with our functional custom orthotics
  • Advice on symptomatic pain relief
  • Stretching exercises to increase flexibility of tight muscle groups around the lower back
  • Referrals to the best physios, chiros and osteos who will assist us in our treatment

Remember, SOLE THERAPY can help with all lower back issues! Please visit call us today to see how we can help your lower back muscle strains.

"Love your body from the sole up"

Nicole Reilly