We don’t just help foot issues, we fix overall posture!

A differentiation in leg length alone has resulted in a drop of the right pelvis and left shoulder/scapular region, with the opposite occurring to the left hip and right shoulder/scapular region.
The unstable pelvis will also cause scoliosis of the spinal column along with neck/head rotation.
Below we can see what a pair of SOLE THERAPY orthotics with a lift can do to improve overall body postural alignment.
Our orthotic therapy is beneficial to not only help posture alignment and pain but overtime helps a patient stand tall barefoot with the new improved posture.  




Before After

Here at SOLE THERAPY we have designed an intensive biomechanical assessment that will help us identify, diagnose and treat all postural concerns of the foot, knee, pelvis and spine. 

  • Customized functional SOLE THERAPY orthotics to address foot posture, leg length differences and scoliosis. Without a stable foot position the pelvis and spine can not straighten up alone. So we need to make sure you are stable from the ground up
  • Dry needling and acupuncture sessions assist with releasing tight muscles, reducing pain levels and preventing inflammation
  • At home personalized stretching and strengthening programs to target tight or weak areas
  • Advice on activity modification-so that you can still be active whilst your body heals

If you think you are suffering from a curve in your spine or back pain come and visit one of our podiatry experts today at SOLE THERAPY.

Words from one of our Podiatrist's,

"Love your body from the sole up"

Nicole Reilly