ITB (Iliotibial Band) syndrome

Here at SOLE THERAPY we see a wide range of knee injuries, a common cause of knee pain runners and cyclists is Iliotibial Band Syndrome.

What is ITB syndrome?

  • ITB syndrome is pain in the outside of the knee joint or thigh from inflammation caused by friction of tight connective tissue called the iliotibial band which runs from the iliac crest (top of the hip) to Gerdy’s tubercle (outside of the shin bone) and functions to stabilize the knee.

What does ITB syndrome feel like?

  • Pain on the outside of the knee
  • Pain can be felt when the heel strikes the ground
  • Pain can be made worse by climbing up and down stairs
  • Some patients may feel a ‘snapping’ or ‘popping’ when walking
  • Swelling may be present, especially on the outside of the knee

Who is at risk of ITB syndrome?


  • This syndrome occurs most in often in long distance runners, cyclists and people who squat regularly
  • Also, people with anatomical abnormalities such as Limb length differences, bowed legs, excessive pronation (rolling in) of the foot can all also attribute to a tight ITB.


Here at SOLE THERAPY we are experts in knee conditions and can offer treatment for ITB to get you back to a pain free lifestyle

  • In-depth Biomechanical assessment to get to the bottom of the cause
  • Soft tissue therapy including Dry Needling, Acupuncture and TENS therapy, to help lengthen the ITB and reduce the friction.
  • Spiky ball and foam rolling included in a stretching regime to lengthen the ITB and surrounding muscles
  • Customized functional SOLE THERAPY orthotics to correct any underlying biomechanical causes

If you or anyone you know feel like you could be suffering from ITB syndrome please come see one of our expert podiatrists here at SOLE THERAPY

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