In-toeing or ‘pigeon-toed’ is a common childhood pathology which results in either one or both feet turning inwards. This is often a result of genetic problems and/or development within the womb. This inevitably results in children having an increase falls risk and inability to perform physical activity to the level of their peers. Most importantly this pathology does affect foot, knee, leg, hip and pelvis rotation which can lead to further health issues due to excessive rotation and compensation.

What to look out for

– W-sitting            – Feet turning inwards    – Tripping               – Clumsiness


A 14 year old female has been attending the Sole Therapy podiatry clinic as her mother was concerned about how much her left foot rotates inwards.


1. A significantly restriction in external hip rotation on the left side compared to a normal range of motion on the right.

2. Instability and internal foot rotation when walking.


Over the past four years the following treatment modalities have been implemented to help correct the level of intoeing:

1. Customised foot orthotics, which have been modified to help encourage external rotation of the feet.

2. Exercises therapy to strengthen/stretch the external hip rotator muscles due to their lack of both flexibility and strength.

Gait Scan Assessment Results

See below images of the child in-toeing and after we conducted treatment note how the foot points straight ahead.

Words From Dr Daniel Talevski (Senior Podiatrist)

“We LOVE seeing kids as we can fix their pain quickly, improve their posture long term and keep them active. We treat the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. We are very lucky in that we see and help literally hundreds of kids every year!

If your child has flat feet don’t put off a biomechanics assessment. Make an appointment with us today. We can help improve your child’s posture and rule out any other hidden factors that may debilitate them for life”

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