Dry needling is an evidence-based therapy where a thin acupuncture needle is inserted into an area of muscle that has developed a trigger point. Trigger points are a hypersensitive area of muscles with a palpable nodule or ‘knot’. They can cause significant pain and movement problems. The aim of the treatment is to relax and release the trigger point, reducing associated pain. Dry needling can also assist in reducing swelling and promote healing.

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Joe came to us at the end of 2017 with right anterior knee pain present for three months. His knee pain was worsened by bending during running, walking and weight training. Joe leads a busy life and loves to be active! Immediate pain relief was essential for Joe, but his long-term goal was to get back into running.

Our assessment found that the combination of tight quadriceps muscles and a pronated (rolling in) foot posture were contributing to Joe’s knee pain. Immediate pain relief was provided through SOLE THERAPY functional orthotics and new footwear. With Joe’s pain being long-term and at home stretching not providing fast enough relief; he was an excellent candidate for dry needling.

After 4 sessions of dry needling, Joe has seen remarkable improvements in his knee pain: “My dry needling appointments are always relaxing. The application of the needles is not painful at all. After leaving SOLE THERAPY I always feel great. My thighs feel loosened and I have seen a significant decrease in my knee pain.”

Joe is just one of many patients that have benefited from dry needling and are being fast-tracked towards their goals.


Dry Needing
What else do I need to know?

Dry needling is most beneficial when used in conjunction with other therapies. Here a SOLE THERAPY we offer mobilisation therapy, deep tissue massage and make functional orthotics on site!

If you have muscle pain, come and visit us at SOLE THERAPY for an individualized biomechanical assessment.


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