Genu varum, more commonly known as ‘bow legs’ is when the knee stays wide apart when the ankles are together. Most children are born bowlegged due to the way they sit in the uterus. This generally increases until 18 months of age and then the legs will start to straighten on their own.

As children reach the age of 3 or 4 they may develop knock knees- see our blog on Genu valgum for more information.

So whilst bow legs are a natural phenomenon in some circumstances children may not grow out of it. They can be associated with underlying causes such as a lack of vitamin D, trauma or growth disease like Blount’s disease. This can lead to pain in the ankles, knees and hip with arthritis developing in later life. If you notice that bow leg are maintained after 24 months or worsen on one side then you need to come and see SOLE THERAPY!

Our podiatry expert will go through a thorough medical history and postural assessment to determine underlying causes. They will then develop a plan to manage this condition:

  • Customized functional orthotics to assist with ankle, knee and hip alignment
  • At home stretches to assist with tight muscles developed from the bow legged
  • Personalized strengthening program to get feet stronger outside orthotics
  • Footwear options to better support and cushion the feet

If you think you or your child have bow legs please visit us at SOLE THERAPY. Without conservative management this condition can lead to surgical intervention.

Let us help you be pain free and stay out of surgery! Book an INITIAL BIOMECHANICAL ASSESSMENT by going online or call the clinic. 


Words from one of our Podiatrist's,