Ever feel like your knees are too friendly with each other? You might have Genu Valgum or more commonly known as Knock Knees. This is when the knees are closer together than the ankles when standing. The knees may be prone to ‘knocking’ against each other during walking- to prevent this the feet will be wide apart when walking.

Knock knees are common in children between the ages of 3 and 5 as they develop their walking, balance and coordination. This will usually straighten by the age of 6 or 7. Slight knock knees can continue into adulthood- sometimes this can lead to knee pain if not addressed.

Some things that can contribute to knock knees are:

  • Poor foot posture i.e. pronated feet
  • Poor external hip rotation
  • Hypermobility i.e. loose ligaments
  • Being overweight
  • Calcium or Vitamin D deficiency

If you are concerned about Knock Knees in your child or yourself SOLE THERAPY is here to help. Our in-depth posture assessment will diagnose the cause of your knock knees and indicate treatment that may include:

  • Customized SOLE THERAPY functional orthotics  to treat poor foot posture
  • Customized stretching program to address tight hip rotators
  • Strengthening program to strengthen the feet and knees

Don't feel like you have to live with sore knees! Call SOLE THERAPY on 02 9583 1138 or book online for an INITIAL BIOMECHANICAL ASSESSMENT. 


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