Foot pain over summer? No Thanks!

Over summer it’s the Aussie way to get out, be active and enjoy the sun and surf however over this summer period we here at SOLE THERAPY find there is an increase with people who suffer from foot pain, Here is a list of a few tips to try help you stay pain free this summer!

  • Wear supportive footwear!
    • It's important even over the hot summer that we still wear supportive footwear as much as possible. Over summer we see an increase in the amount of time we spend without shoes on, going barefoot can be detrimental to musculoskeletal injuries and cause pain over summer. Now we understand that during those hot days and being on the sand of our beautiful beaches it’s a bit hard to continue to wear a nice supportive closed jogger, a nice trick is to get into a pair of Orthopaedic thongs that give you support and comfort but also the freedom of a thong!
  • Make sure your shoes are the right fit!
    • Having supportive shoes is just the start of the process, making sure they fit right is essential. Ill fitting shoes can cause many problems including blisters and corns that will cause you pain over the summer period. A few tips are to be measured properly for your shoe size and also try your shoes on later in the day rather than the morning as your feet will tend to swell throughout that day and shoes that fit at 9am may not fit at 5pm
  • Be wary of swollen feet!
    • With an increase in summer activity, heat and humidity Podiatrist see an increase in complications from swollen feet. A few tips are based around self care, Avoid salty foods, plenty of water, exercise to improve blood flow and if needed a nice cold soak at the end of the day.
  • Watch for corns and callus
    • Corns and callus can become more prevalent over summer and leave you dreaded summer pain. Make sure you have good shoes that fit well and avoid barefoot. If you do happen to have corns or callus make sure you see one of our podiatrists here at SOLE THERAPY to get you pain free and ready for summer!
  • Can feet get sunburnt?
    • YES! Just like every other part of your body your feet will burn without the proper sun safety. Also some medication for conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure will increase your risk of being burnt. So if you are at the beach make sure not to neglect your feet when applying sunscreen!
  • I’m currently in pain what can I do?
    • Come in and see our expert team of podiatrist here at SOLE THERAPY so we can get you fighting fit and ready to make the most of the summer period pain free!

For more information call our clinic on 9583 1138!

Words from one of our Podiatrist's,