At SOLE THERAPY, we are one of the first podiatry practices to use Foot Mobilisation Therapy (FMT) as a manual therapy, in combination with dry needling, orthotics and exercise to treat patients.

Foot Mobilisation Therapy

What is Foot Mobilisation Therapy?

Foot Mobilisation Therapy is a manual therapy that was specifically designed to improve foot and ankle function by targeting stiff, malaligned or dysfunctional joints to improve the function of your lower limb.

What are the benefits?

This form of manual therapy involves finding & treating the cause of your pain rather than just the symptoms. Each bone and joint in the foot/ankle is individually assessed. Each joint is then taken through their natural motions to break up adhesions and promote fluid production. This allows the body’s natural repair process to reduce pain and improve foot posture. Joint integrity, foot posture and muscle strength is improved.

Does it hurt?

No, FMT is a gentle therapy and should not be painful. Patients find FMT relaxing.

biomechanical assessment

What success has Sole Therapy had with FMT?

At SOLE THERAPY we have successfully treated the following with FMT:

  •     Grade 2 ankle sprain
  •     Bunion pain
  •     Ankle instability
  •     Calf tightness
  •     Cuboid syndrome
  •     Hammertoes
  •     Claw Toes

We also have had a patient improve her personal best in squatting with regular FMT appointments.

Book in with SOLE THERAPY today for you biomechanical assessment to see if you will be a good candidate for Foot Mobilisation Therapy.

Words from our podiatrist,

Daniel Talevski