What are corns?

Corns form as a result of rubbing/friction most likely under bony prominences.  They form over time at high pressure points where over time your skin starts to harden and compress causing pain.

Corns are often misdiagnosed as warts as they look similar in appears however are completely different.  Handy hint direct pressure causes pain in corns and squeezing causes pain in warts.

Are corns dangerous?

If left untreated corns usually become deeper and more painful which may cause the following,

  • Damage of underlying join surface.
  • Ulceration/wounds due to breaking the underlying skin matrix.
  • Change in walking due to pain when walking which may affect other joints.

How do I get rid of my corn and is it painful to remove?

Our podiatrists at SOLE THERAPY are experts at corn removal.  Most if not all corns are painless where you will notice an instant reduction in pain levels. 

We can also implement methods to prevent corns from returning and prolong their occurrences mostly involving deflective devices to take load off high pressure areas.

Should I use corn pads?

Corn pads are a podiatrist worst nightmare!!! Most of which cause further issues as corn pads contain acid which often burn both foot and bad skin.  Often in patients who are elderly, diabetic or have sensitive skin cause wounds which are at lot more difficult to treat.

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Words from one of our Podiatrist's,