Corns are balls of dead skin that develop in response to pressure and friction. At SOLE THERAPY we have a wealth of experience in assisting with pain that may come from corns and managing their re occurrence.

Pressure that causes can come from tight shoes, small shoes, heavy physical activity, clawed toes or even thickened nails. The skin is attempting to protect itself from damage.

Corns can become painful as they have a hard center and are surrounded by inflamed rubbery skin. They are very common between toes, on the tip of the toes and on high pressure joints.

When attending a general treatment appointment at SOLE THERAPY your podiatry expert will:

  • Assess the corns
  • Discuss with you potential causes
  • Remove the corn painlessly
  • Assist in offloading the corn with padding or toe separators
  • Give you at home tips and tricks to delay their re occurrence
    • Footwear advice
    • Emollient usage
  • Analyse your biomechanics to determine if your gait pattern and posture is contributing

If you have a recurrent and painful corn please come and visit SOLE THERAPY! 


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Nicole Reilly