Here at SOLE THERAPY we see a number of conditions that prevent our patients from reaching their full potential. Our goal in any treatment modality and case is to help our patients recover from injury and live their best life.

Today we are going to talk about a particular case we saw recently. This case study is of a 12 year old girl that presented with knee pain. 

Her mum was very concerned about the pain her daughter was getting in her knees at the end of a long day. 

Mum was also concerned that her daughter's knees were turning inwards and activities during sport had become very difficult. 

The 12-year-old age group is an awkward stage for some adolescents as they begin the start of their major development and growth cycle. This is an important time to monitor and the best time to implement processes to promote change to one’s posture and alignment.

To start with you can see three issues with this image,
1/ Collapse and rotation of the foot and ankle internally.
2/ Internal (knocked knees) rotation of the knee itself.
3/ Drop In the right hip level.

We created a pair of fully customised orthotics for our patient. You can immediately see the difference that a pair of orthotics will have on both foot and knee posture.

Overtime our treatment modalities will help our patient perform this squat without pain and poor alignment barefoot.

Initially after treatment with orthotics we noticed the following changes,
1/ Foot vertical with no internal rotation
2/ Knee gliding over the middle of the foot which is at its most ideal position.
3/ Equal hip level.

We also combine this orthotic therapy with a home exercise program. Our exercise prescription aims at lengthening tight muscles that hold the knee in this position as well as provide strengthen exercises of the knee, hip and foot complexes. 

If you have concerns that your child's alignment maybe contributing to pain and poor posture book an INITIAL BIOMECHANICAL APPOINTMENT via our online booking or call us on (02) 9583 1138 to assess you child today. 

words from one of our podiatrist's;