Ball of foot pain (Morton's Neuroma)

A Morton's neuroma is a common foot complaint whereby tissue surrounding one or more digital nerves becomes thickened.  Symptoms often vary however often involve burning/sharp pain, numbness, and/or radiating pain between two digits.  The most common site for this to occur is between the 3rd and 4th digital space.

A common analogy often used is when patients state that they feel like they are ‘standing on a pebble’.

What are the risk factors?

- High heel shoes             
- Narrow/tight footwear             
- High impact/jumping/running
- Foot trauma                    
- Bunions                                            
- Hammer toes
- High arches                   
- Flat feet

So how do we treat this?

Less invasive treatment options often work quite effectively and they include:

- Wider shoes     
- Metatarsal domes       
- Ice                    
- Activity reduction         
- Orthotics          
- Dry needling                
- Rest                                                                                                                            

More invasive treatment options include the following:

- Glucose/cortisone injections                   
- Surgery

Neuromas can be quite stubborn whereby early intervention often results in faster success rates as long term swelling around a nerve can be more fibrous and harder to treat.

Words from our podiatrist,

Daniel Talevski