A Baker’s cyst is a pocket of fluid that forms a lump behind the knee. The cyst is usually a result of an issue with your knee joint- this may include cartilage tears, meniscus issues and arthritis. Something is irritating the knee causing it to produce too much fluid, leading to the development of the Baker’s cyst..

Things you may notice if a Baker’s Cyst is developing:

  • Aching at the back of the knee
  • Swelling at the back of the knee
  • A feeling of tightness when standing with legs extended

On rare occasions a Baker’s Cyst may burst and the fluid may seep into the calf region leading to pain and swelling in the lower leg.

A Baker’s Cyst will often be diagnosed in a SOLE THERAPY biomechanical assessment through a physical examination. Your podiatrist may also recommend imaging if they deem it necessary.

SOLE THERAPY'S treatment of a Baker’s Cyst includes:

If you are concerned about a Baker’s cyst or the development of one, come and visit our podiatry experts at SOLE THERAPY. We can effectively manage Baker's Cysts without the need for drainage. Call the clinic or even book online! 


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