Heel pain is a common condition we see and effectively treat here at SOLE THERAPY. Heel pain can come from under the heel and also originate at the back of the heel and radiate up the calf and achilles tendon. This type of heel pain is called Achilles Tendinopathy.

The Achilles tendon is one of the most important tendons in the lower limb- giving us the ability to toe off during walking, running and jumping activities. However, it is one of the most commonly injured tendons and should always be treated as early as possible.

Achilles pain can be quite debilitating. Its onset is gradual and often only felt during exercise initially, eventually worsening over time. The tendon located at the bottom of the calf muscle is painful to touch and swollen. Pain and stiffness is more noticeable in the morning or after long periods of sitting.

Common causes of Achilles tendon disorders include (but not limited too):

  • Sudden increase in activity
  • Repetitive heavy activity
  • Excessive ‘rolling in’ of the ankles
  • Tight footwear that rubs excessively at the heels
  • High heels


Early recognition and intervention in Achilles tendon disorders is key. When poorly managed, Achilles tendon disorders can deteriorate quickly and have a large impact on quality of life.

SOLE THERAPY offers a range of services and treatments to assist with any Achilles pains:

  • Heel lifts to reduce pressure and alleviate discomfort
  • Orthotic Therapy to address any excessive mechanical stress on the Achilles
  • Soft tissue therapy such as Dry needling and Acupuncture to reduce swelling and inflammation
  • TENS - Machine that helps pain and inflammation.
  • Footwear advice. We sell a range of fashionable, yet functional shoes here at SOLE THERAPY.

We have great results in resolving pain in the heel region quickly and without the need for drug therapy, cortisone steroids or surgery. Come see us. We can help you.

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Words from our podiatrist's