We Fix Feet, Knee, Back and Footwear Issues. 

We Teach You Ways To

“Love Your Body From The Sole Up!


SOLE THERAPY is more than just a podiatry clinic!   

SOLE THERAPY is the #1 clinic for anything related to 

 feet, knees, back and footwear issues. 


SOLE THERAPY offers a distinctive approach to total foot/body care, injuries, biomechanics, orthotics, nail/skin care, all lower limb pathologies, footwear (business, casual & sport);

along with performing minor surgery. 


SOLE THERAPY treats patients from all walks of life.

Our youngest patient is 6 months old and our oldest patient is 103 years old. 




Our SOLE THERAPY team are experts in all aspects of podiatry and have special interests in different areas of podiatry to cater to all needs.

SOLE THERAPY is leading the podiatry industry in orthotic design and biomechanics.  

SOLE THERAPY is known for our excellent customer service and

exceptional thorough care for each patient.



SOLE THERAPY makes the time and investment in each one of our clients!
SOLE THERAPY is 100% family owned and we are full of life and soul!



Our SOLE THERAPY team is passionate and dedicated to helping our patients achieve optimal health and increase their quality of life!
We treat the whole body, not just the problem.

We use innovative products and services that guarantee results.
SOLE THERAPY is the #1 place to go when you have pain, discomfort or questions regarding your feet, ankles, knees and lower back.



We understand how your feet and legs function during walking, standing, running and functional movement patterns. With the correct alignment of your feet we can cure pain and dysfunction.


We fix sore knees, bad knees, knock-knees, cartilage, meniscus & arthritic knees. We fix knee cap problems, patellofemoral pain, pain with bending, squatting, stairs, walking and running.


Lower back pain and spinal curves can be helped through the correct alignment of your feet. We combine these therapies with dry needling, western acupuncture and massage to help ease the pain.


We treat all nail and skin issues (corns, callus, warts, tinea, fungal, ingrown nails, etc…). We can make your shoes feel more comfortable. Plus we sell fashionable podiatry approved shoe brands in-store.

SOLE THERAPY opened our front door as a Podiatry, Biomechanics and Orthotic clinic to help the community in 2008.

SOLE THERAPY’S business name and concept originated over our family Friday night dinners back. Director, Nicole Reilly was frustrated with the ways in which the community generally perceived podiatry. When she would say that she was a podiatrist, people would look at her with a blank stare or think that it was simply treating grandma’s toenails and corns. With some money saved, great family support and strong moral values…Nicole set out to establish a podiatry practice in a thriving community. She wanted to push herself and be a leader in the health and wellness industry whilst providing patient experiences that excelled in both service and professional expertise.

SOLE THERAPY develops new services, provides an array of products, is an active member in the community, expands our clientele, transforms lives, modifies our technology to keep up with the latest trends and we are continually achieving really wonderful goals!

SOLE THERAPY is still in our original location in Ramsgate Beach, NSW. We thoroughly love working within this area. It feels great when you can go to the local grocery store and bump into patients who are like family! It is also amazing seeing patients who might have had trouble walking before they came to see us at SOLE THERAPY and are now able to run along the esplanade pain free.

SOLE THERAPY is making a difference to those around us and we are being recognized for our success. We won the Australian Small Champions Business Award for Excellence in Health Improvement Services (2016), won the St George Local Business Award for Outstanding Health Improvement Services (2015)/(Finalist 2016 & 2017) and also honoured with being Finalist in the Telstra Business Awards NSW (2015).


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