At  SOLE THERAPY, we teach you ways to love your body from the sole up.

What We Do

We are experts in biomechanics and believe that through the correct support and treatment of your feet you will transform your life and live at your greatest potential.

bluepink-biomechanics-of-kneeSports Injury

We treat all sports injuries from the lower back down to the feet

shutterstock_96862213Heel Pain

Heel pain can be effectively treated with stretches, good footwear and orthotics


Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be helped through the correct alignment of your feet


Scoliosis and Leg length differences

A curvature of the spine that can be helped by balancing the feet and any leg length differences


Mortons Neuroma

Pain caused by a pinched nerve in the ball of the foot. Metatarsal domes, orthotics, dry needling and wide shoes can help this condition

Small Business ChampionsSole Therapy is a podiatry and biomechanical clinic located in Ramsgate Beach. Sole Therapy are the Winners of the 2015 St George Local Business Award, finalists for Telstra Business Awards and named the 2016 “Australian Small Business Champions for Excellence in Health Improvement Services”. At Sole Therapy the podiatrists pride themselves in serving the community of the St George area (Ramsgate), the Sutherland Shire and extend our services to all areas of Sydney and regional NSW. We are an innovative podiatry business with amazing techniques in making customized foot orthoses on the spot so you can walk out with your new orthotics. Sole Therapy is a podiatry clinic that treats the whole body, not just the problem so you can be truly pain free.

Sole Therapy’s foot doctors are known for their excellent customer service and exceptional thorough care for each patient. Our foot doctors will treat everything involving your feet and ensure that your posture, balance and alignment is continually improving as well. Podiatrists are the number one to call when you have pain, discomfort or questions regarding your feet, ankles, knees and lower back.

Unlike traditional methods of podiatry, we assess your body as a whole, analyzing the way your feet function in a standing position, whilst walking and running. We are passionate about helping others live their best life and reach their full potential. Our youngest patient is 6 months of age and our oldest patient is 101. We aspire to teach all our clients ways to love their body from the sole up.