Footwear plays a large role in the development of foot & toe problems such as bunios, callus, corns, hammer & clawed toes. Shoes that do not fit properly make these conditions worse & more painful. But wearing the right shoes may help you. Come to SOLE THERAPY as we sell shoes that are podiatry approved, fashionable & comfortable. We can recommend the perfect shoe for your foot type

A comfortable, well-fitted shoe offers you the best chance of:

    • Preventing a foot or toe problem from getting worse.
    • Preventing a toe joint problem from returning after corrective surgery.
    • Preventing injury to muscles of the foot (plantar fascia).
    • Preventing anatomical and functional changes including reduced foot width and forefoot spreadin
    • Relieving pain in the foot or toe that is caused by a deformity or joint problem.


Humans are one of the few species who have mastered bipedal locomotion and their foot has evolved to be the basis for such a specialised gait. The human foot alone comprises 26 bones, 33 joints and 19 muscles The bones are arranged to form a medial longitudinal arch which makes it ideal for its function of supporting the weight of the body and spreading the forces experienced during gait. Aside from the structure of the bones there is a complex array of muscles, both internal and external of the foot, which combine with the somesthetic system to control balance and movement. In addition to this research has reported the presence of 104 cutaneous mechanoreceptors located in the foot sole. Collectively these above factors help us walk, move and feel. No wonder why our feet can hurt sometimes.


Anthropological evidence suggests that footwear began to be worn approximately 40,000 years ago. Furthermore as footwear has evolved from simple open-toe sandals to more complex items of fashion, with their design being increasingly dependent on aesthetics, the potential impact on foot function has been overlooked. Pointed toe and closed toe shoes have become increasingly prominent in Western societies and the restriction of area within the toe box potentially contributes to, now deemed common, toe deformities such as hallux valgus, a valgus deformity on the first metatarsophalangeal joint (BUNIONS) This is particularly a problem in advanced age with the over two thirds of the older population’s feet being considerably wider than the footwear available Additionally research has reported that wearing high heels of 5 cm or higher over a minimum of a two-year period has significant effects to the muscle-tendon unit at the ankle and places 75% more pressure to the ball of the foot. This demonstrates the modifiable nature of the foot-ankle complex and the importance of wearing appropriate footwear to maintain good foot health and function.


At SOLE THERAPY we sell a variety of shoe brands that we know look good, help the feet function & prevent pain & dysfunction. Come into SOLE THERAPY & let our foot experts fit you correctly with a pair of shoes that are comfotable, look good and feel great. 


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