SOLE THERAPY custom made orthotics can be worn for as little as six weeks to achieve pain-free results. Our SOLE THERAPY orthotics get rid of your pain & also strengthen your feet & core muscles over time.

The duration of time to wear your orthoses will be estimated by our podiatrist’s and will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • What type of injury you have.

  • How much and how often you wear your

  • How much sports / physical activity you do.

  • Whether you’re a child and in a growth spurt or an adult

  • The severity of misalignment is corrected.

Unlike other podiatry practices, Sole Therapy has its own lab onsite. We have used over 10 years of innovative research to develop orthotic templates that not only fix painful feet, knees and back but help strengthen your feet outside of your foot orthoses. Our aim is to strengthen your feet so eventually you will not need these inserts to keep you pain-free.

 They are unique as individual designed for your needs and issued during a weight-bearing moulding session. This orthotic making session is 30 minutes and you will recieve your devices at this consult fitted into the shoes you sesire to wear. Our Sole Therapy customized foot orthoses range are slim enough to fit into heeled shoes or flats.

Our Sole Therapy Orthotics are different than shoe inserts or insoles bought over the counter. Our orthotics are custom-made built from the moulds of your feet to meet your unique needs and prescription. The Sole Therapy podiatrist will on your initial biomechanical assessment achieve the best treatment outcomes for you after an hour of analyzing your body’s posture. We design and make your orthoses on the spot then follow your progress: rather than sending off to a factory to have these made.

Factory generic orthotics may offer some level of correction, but will more than likely not be precise and at worst may actually damage or worsen your foot alignment, especially if not fitted or provided by a qualified Podiatrist. Orthotic Insoles providing cushioning for comfort can be great, and there is a place for shop insoles – the key is to understand the difference and be aware of the limitations of general insoles. As a general rule, foot pain should never be ignored and should always be investigated by your Podiatrist, especially foot pain or lethargy in children.


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