Lower Back Pain

Your lower back pain may be caused by misalignment of your feet – it’s very commonly seen and treated by us. As health professionals specialising in the biomechanics of the foot and lower limb, we can help.

Lower back pain is a very common complaint and can affect all ages. Not many people understand how movement and alignment of the pelvis, leg, ankle and foot is intricately connected to the development of acute and chronic low back pain.

At Sole Therapy we observe the alignment of the feet and its relationship to the pelvis using leading edge video gait analysis and pressure sensor equipment. Our biomechanical assessment is a detailed assessment that looks at whole body alignment not just the feet

If you have any of the 10 following symptoms we can help you;

  1. A leg length difference (one leg shorter than the other)
  2. A rotation or tilt in the pelvis
  3. Suffer lower back pain or discomfort
  4. Have a weak core
  5. Have flat or high arched feet
  6. A scoliosis or curve in the spine
  7. A lumbar lordosis (sway back)
  8. Nerve pain or disc bulging in the lower back
  9. L4 or L5 nerve entrapment (Sciatica)
  10. Walk like a duck

Through the correct support of your feet in combination with rehabilitation exercises of stretching and strengthening we can decrease back pain and help improve posture.

In addition to our services we network closely with expert chiropractors, Pilates instructors, osteopaths and physiotherapists in our area to insure we have your back covered and treated in the fastest time possible.