General and Surgical Podiatry

Let us take care of your feet. We are the foot experts!

Our 30-minute General Treatment is all about giving you the best possible podiatry service, something that is getting hard to find. Your podiatrist will have time to address all areas of concern such as Corns, Calluses and Ingrown Toenails.

Thick, hard and sore nails can be thinned with our state of the art Podiatry specific drill and Heel Cracks and Callus painlessly removed and sanded smooth again.

At Sole Therapy our General Treatment service is the perfect solution for getting your feet happy again. Designed for both men and women, our expert Podiatrist will assess, diagnose and then treat your feet. The results cannot be achieved by a regular pedicure.

In all our General Podiatry visit our Podiatrists will:

  • Identify future problems
  • Diagnose the issue
  • Expert advice on treatment options
  • Advice on nail fungus or plantar warts
  • Best course of treatment for ingrowing nails

Podiatry Treatment involves:

  • Cut and file nails. Fix ingrowning nails
  • Remove corns, callus and sand away any dry skin
  • Short but soothing Foot massage
  • Expert Advice on maintenance of healthy feet

With modern equipment and professionally sterilised instruments, your safety and effective treatment is our primary concern. General treatments when performed regularly provide maintenance of foot health, preventing pain and further complications. Our Podiatry team can provide you with a unique treatment plan to solve your issues and prevent future complications.


Nail surgery is a common procedure performed to effectively treat an ingrown toenail. An ingrown toenail is a nail that has pierced (or is pressing against) the adjacent skin of the toe causing pain and inflammation and sometimes infection.


Removal of corns, callus and hard skin. A general podiatry treatment is a way to improve the appearance of your feet and your nails and prevent foot pain and dysfunction.

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