The Medi Pedi

A medical pedicure (Medi Pedi) focuses on the hygienic and aesthetics care of the toenails and the soles of the feet. This service is offered in a private setting, which helps promote safety and relaxation. To combat the threat of fungus, infections, and viruses all metal implements are sealed in sterile pouches and sterilized in an autoclave. All nails are cut, filed and gently thinned down with an electric burr to bring that glow of healthy pink back to the nail. Hard callused or corned skin is removed with a sterile blade leaving your skin very smooth. The skin is then gently buffed with a sandpaper mandrill. This procedure is very safe and does not cause any pain. To end the treatment the feet are massaged with hydrating cream using soft-tissue techniques combined with reflexology and trigger point massage.

Also available is the Medi Pedi with Nail Polish treatment

medi-pedi-03 medi-pedi-04