What is LCN Wilde Pedique?

LCN’s Wilde Pedique is a gel created by LCN in Germany and is a anti-mycotic nail reconstructive gel. It is one of their signature gels and so far we haven’t found any products similar. This gel is cured under the light and can be applied on callus layers of the skin – so it can be applied where little or no toe nail is left. It essentially acts as a toenail replacement. Now, some concerns could be that it can create or encourage an fungus infection on the nail as other products used as artificial toe nails can do. This one does not. It has an anti-myoctic factor in it that can actually assist fungal nail treatment. How? It helps stop the fungus from spreading.

What else can it do?

Aside from assisting in fungal nail infection treatment, LCN Wilde Pedique can also help a damaged toenail to grow back into place. This can help prevent an ingrowing toe nail. Stressing about a cracked or split toe nail is also a thing of the past. The gel can help to reinforce the nail by covering it and preventing further splitting and snagging.

How long does it last?

We have been told that results with the Wilde Pedique gel can vary and depends on the client. Results have shown that clients have gotten up to 6 weeks and then refilled it. This is recommended but the anti-mycotic factor means you can keep it on until need be without worrying about further toenail problems such as fungus.