Heel Pain – Sever’s Disease

Severs Disease also known as calcaneal apophysiitis is associated to the inflammation of the growth plate of the calcaneaus or the heel bone. This condition is often seen in our practice in active children between the ages of 8-13 years in girls & 10-15 years in boys and is the most common cause of heel pain in children.

In adolescence bone growth plates develop in a process where cartilage is replaced by bone. It is understood that due to overuse, sudden increase in activity and rapid growth spurts this process is disrupted causing inflammation and pain when walking and running. Often children at risk for developing this condition present with either a flat or high arched foot-type, poor- fitting shoes, one leg is shorter than the other, or weight gain and obesity. Biomechanical screening of these children is essential and your child may require orthoses to stabilise their abnormal foot posture so they can continue to play sport and be active through this age related growth plate closure.