The assessment allows us to provide you with the most accurate biomechanical information regarding your running technique which can then be used to modify your running style to allow for a more efficient pattern of movement. In doing this you are not only able to better prevent injury but you are also able to improve your running efficiency.


You are videoed while running or walking on a treadmill, with and without shoes. The view through the camera is positioned to observe hip and knee motion as well as foot and ankle. These images are then synchronized on the monitor and played back to you frame-by-frame to demonstrate how your feet behave and how your shoes affect that behavior. State-of-the-art treadmill foot pressure mapping and video imaging software enables our practitioners to build a picture of how your foot performs dynamically during your sport or activity. This provides us with the information necessary to build your custom insole (Orthotic) and identify the right footwear for your needs. We will also be able to provide advice to help you improve the dynamic function of your feet through stretching tight muscle groups and helping you build strength where it is needed.


A highly sensitive mat underneath the treadmill belt records “pressure distribution” and foot motion whilst your foot is in contact with the ground. The results will indicate what foot type you have, (low, medium, or high-arched, supination or pronated foot type). How this information is interpreted sets us apart from the rest. Understanding how your foot performs dynamically will ensure the best fitting shoe and custom insole perform specifically for your sport.


The analysis can highlight biomechanical deficiencies that often result in injury, the combination of the correct footwear and custom insoles can reduce the chance of these injuries. Sole Therapy practitioners partnership with sports trainers, physiotherpists, chiropractors and other medical professionals to provide you with the best possible chance of reaching your goals with comfort and confidence.