Biomechanical Assessment Consultation


“Bio-mechanics” is the research and analysis of the mechanics of human movement applying the relationship between engineering principles and the biological system composed of soft tissue and bone.

These various tissues within the body such as skin, bone and muscle possess unique material properties that work together dynamically giving us mobility and functional ability. When we have poor biomechanics during stance and during walking we can pre expose ourselves to pain, injury and poor posture.

Good posture requires a person to maintain the alignment of certain body parts; poor posture is often acknowledged as a cause of musculoskeletal pain, joint restriction or general discomfort.

To fully understand your biomechanics, a dynamic and static posture assessment of the gait will be undertaken on a treadmill or walking platform here at Sole Therapy and the outcome noted. This will be in conjunction with a detailed medical history and physical examination by our podiatry experts.

  • The medical history form is discussed and areas of concern or pain are documented.
  • The Practitioner then investigates and palpates the foot, leg and hip to analyse your body’s morphology and range of movement.
  • This stage is carried out with the patient first lying down then functional tests are carried out standing up.
  • The Podiatrist assesses the different aspects of the joints, muscles, blood vessels, senses, nerve conductivity and morphology and skin during these exams.
During the clinical examination we will look closely at your:
  • General posture
  • Muscle strength and length
  • Trunk alignment
  • Foot and lower limb alignment
  • Range of motion at foot, knee and hip
  • Pelvic alignment to check for Leg length discrepancy and abnormalities
  • Spinal alignment as appropriate
  • Functional movement patterns