Biomechanical and Human Movement Analysis


At Sole Therapy we offer many services to suit every walk of life! Ever thought about ways you could improve your poor posture? Do you get back, knee, ankle, heel or foot pain? Do you want to know more about what shoes are right for your foot type? Are you feeling unmotivated or stressed about getting fitter? If you answered yes to any of these questions then it is time to make an appointment to get a biomechanical assessment by one of our podiatry experts at Sole Therapy.

Biomechanical Assessment Consultation

Examines the body’s movement patterns to identify abnormality that can be causing pain, dysfunction and poor posture.

Gait Scan Assessment

We use state of the art computer hardware and software that helps your practitioner assess and analyse your feet, knees and hip function.

Stability or Sway Test

Tests core stability, foot and ankle balance. It’s a falls risk indicator and injury prevention test.

Running Assessment

If you have just begun running for fun or you are a competitive marathon runner, a full Biomechanical Running Assessment may benefit your running performance immensely.