Athletes Foot Health

Here at Sole Therapy we understand how important it is for our athletes to recover quickly. We have experienced programs that deliver results with their aim to help you get back on your feet in the fastest time possible. The feet and ankles take a pounding and are commonly injured through overuse.  Did you know that 80% of overuse injuries are due to abnormal foot posture, poor technique and poor footwear habits? Epidemiology studies indicate the lower limb accounts for 40%-80 of injury. The results are not surprising given that most exercise regimes are weight bearing requiring correct dynamic functioning of the lower limb (feet, ankles, knees and legs) under the pelvis. The impact of running on hard surfaces to the side-to-side motion seen in court and field sports, there’s no question that athletes’ feet and ankles are prime candidates for injuries. Sports such as surfing, dancing, gymnastics and ballet also require attention when injury presents. With our trained podiatrist’s being keen sports women and men themselves, we understand that re-training poor foot posture and helping the foot perform at its best barefoot is essential to preventing injury, stabilising the core and enhancing performance. So whatever your chosen sport we have your needs at the centre of our care and we are more than happy to tailor a program to suit your individual needs. Our aim is to strengthen and keep you balanced from the sole up so you can reach your greatest potential.

At Sole Therapy we are qualified to treat all musculoskeletal injuries from the lower back to the feet. We are an evidence based practice using leading edge technology to treat your injury and improve your function and overall performance. Our weight-bearing functional style orthotic is unique and ensures correct alignment and extreme comfort in any chosen sport shoe. Whether you participate in sports regularly or are just a “weekend warrior,” be on the lookout for some of these common problems that we can help treat:

Our aim here at Sole Therapy is to restore the athletes body mechanics to pivotal levels and bring the body back into balance. Sole Therapy delivers an experienced program using the latest postural technology to provide guaranteed results so our athletes can stay active and perform at their best. Our practitioners use hands on approach to treatment with a strong focus for evidence-based practice. From our extensive knowledge of science, human anatomy, medicine and pathologies we treat the whole body, not just the problem. Sole Therapy specialises in biomechanics, injury management and orthotic therapy. We provide individually tailored treatment plans and have footwear, posture and orthoses solutions for every walk of life.

Athletes and active individuals would benefit from the below services :

  • General Treatment

  • Biomechanical video and sensor running or walking assessment

  • Exercise Therapy and rehabilitation programs
  • Comfort driven functional Orthoses therapy
  • Footwear screening, assessment and prescription.


This condition is most often caused by plantar fasciitis commonly misdiagnosed as a heel spur. Faulty foot structure and poor footwear is the most common cause of heel pain.


The most common ankle injuries are sprains (low and high ankle). Orthoses and an ankle and foot stability and strengthening exercise program can prevent these injuries.


Achilles tendonitis is an inflammation of the Achilles tendon that runs down the back of the leg and inserts into the heel bone. This can progress to Achilles tendoniosis (degeneration) if left untreated.


A neuroma causes sharp, burning pain in the ball of your foot accompanied by stinging or numbness in your toes.  Redistributing forefoot pressure with orthoses decreases the symptoms of Morton’s neuroma.


Thick, hardened layers of skin develop in areas of friction between your sports shoe and your foot. A general treatment appointment can remove all areas of corns and callus with little or no discomfort experienced.


Dry scaly skin, itching, inflammation, and small blisters, usually on the bottom of the foot and between the toes. We have topical solutions available.