About Us

Sole Therapy is about healthy living and body balance. We teach you ways to love your body from the sole up so you can live at your greatest potential.

Sole Therapy is a centre of excellence in podiatry, biomechanics, exercise rehabilitation, orthoses and footwear. We strive to give the highest possible level of excellence in both service and professional expertise.


Sole Therapy’s mission is to create an innovative centre of excellence that leads the way in healthcare today. Our vision is to build communities of trust where we can empower and inspire individuals to transform their lives. We create a calming environment that allows individuals to learn new and exciting ways of loving their body from the sole up.

WHAT Do WE do?

Sole Therapy is dedicated and passionate about healing the human foot from pain and dysfunction and preventing postural abnormalities. Our aim is to restore body mechanics to pivotal levels and bring the body back into balance. Sole Therapy delivers an experienced program using the latest postural technology to provide guaranteed results so our clients can stay active and live the life they love. Our practitioners use a hands-on approach to treatment with a strong focus on evidence-based practice. We have a strong commitment to ongoing professional development and practise the most current and proven treatments available. Treatment is conducted by both male and female practitioners. At Sole Therapy our practitioners use knowledge of science, human anatomy, medicine and pathologies. At Sole Therapy, we treat the whole body, not just the problem. We provide individually tailored treatment plans and have footwear, posture and orthoses solutions for every walk of life.    


We are passionate about helping others live their best life and reach their full potential. We are committed to building communities of love, friendship and trust so we can empower and inspire others to transform their lives and truly love their body from the sole up.


At Sole Therapy we service our clients with heart and through education we empower them and others to achieve mind, body and sole balance so they can live at optimal levels of health. Sole Therapy strives to create a centre of excellence that leads the way in healthcare today with it’s aim to transform people’s lives so they can live their best life. When you become a Sole Therapy client you become an extension to our family and not just a number in a chain of sales.